Instructing and Investing

For the first sixteen years of his life, young Daniel lived under the godly influence of King Josiah. This was vital in preparing Daniel to shine for God in the coming darkness of Babylonian Captivity.

Scripture teaches us the principle of “Instructing and Investing”—of passing on God’s truth to the next generation. How the youth of this generation need dedicated pastors, deacons, Christians, and churches who will fulfill their responsibility to instruct and invest God’s truth in the lives of young men and women! One Scriptural example is that of the godly king Josiah, and how his reign impacted young Daniel. Just before the Babylonian Captivity, Josiah ruled as king of Judah in Jerusalem for thirty-one years. Diligently obeying God’s Word (2 Kgs. 23:2-3), Josiah led Judah into national revival (2 Kgs. 22-23). He executed the false priests, destroyed the places of idolatry, and smashed the idols into powder (2 Kgs. 23:4-20).

Today young people are often neglected in the church. Few young men are trained for Christian service by their local church. As a result, they look for acceptance and instruction in the open arms of false teachers and unconverted religionists. Few young ladies are taught their vital role in the church and home. As a result they look to pop culture or the contemporary church movement for unscriptural advice on femininity.

Paul exhorted Timothy, “And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.” (2 Tim. 2:2) This godly instruction and investment is the only thing that will prepare the next generation for faithful Christian service during persecution. Children need to see parents, grandparents, and Christian men and women who love God and live by His Word—who live holy lives and zealously evangelize the lost. As times grow worse in this country, we desire that our young people will remain faithful to God. This will only happen as they have a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ that overflows into a fervent prayer life, a strong understanding of Bible doctrine, and active membership in a local church.

Dear believer, are you instructing and investing in the lives of young people so that when you are gone, the truth will be preserved to another generation? – B. M. W.