Navajo Nation: Ganado Baptist Church in Ganado, AZ

Dr. Mark and Tricia Haynes are missionaries to the largest Indian Reservation in America, the Navajo Nation. Covering over 25,000 square miles, the Reservation is larger than the State of West Virginia. Its boundaries cover three states; Arizona, New [Continue Reading]

The Great Need for Native Preachers

Apostle Paul left Titus behind on the island of Crete to “ordain elders in every city.” (Titus 1:5) This implies that among the natives of the Island of Crete there were spiritually strong men who were qualified for pastoral office. History and [Continue Reading]

Smoke Signals – January 2014

UPCOMING: NATIVE AMERICAN CAMP MEETING The eighth annual Native American Camp Meeting is hosted by Heritage Baptist Church in Wichita, KS. The dates for the meeting are April 1-3. For more info, you can call the church at 316.729.2700. You can [Continue Reading]

A Seneca Mother’s Testimony of Saving Grace

My name is Carol Bacon and I am a Seneca Indian from Oklahoma. My salvation took a long time for me to heed His calling. I give Him all the praise and glory for not giving up. The second call came after my teen years. The Lord began to deal with [Continue Reading]