What Does God Say About Righteousness?

Why should we care what God declares about righteousness? Friend, God is the supreme authority of the universe. Everyone will give an account to this God. Revelation 20:12, “And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books [Continue Reading]

Instructing and Investing

For the first sixteen years of his life, young Daniel lived under the godly influence of King Josiah. This was vital in preparing Daniel to shine for God in the coming darkness of Babylonian Captivity. Scripture teaches us the principle of [Continue Reading]

Smoke Signals – Oct-Dec 2014

NATIVE LANGUAGE BIBLE PROJECTS Projects are currently underway for the printing of the first edition of the Cherokee-English Parallel Bible, the Creek-English Parallel Bible, and the second edition of the Choctaw-English Parallel Bible. [Continue Reading]

Jesse Bushyhead, Early Cherokee Baptist

“He kept the Faith even in the hardest times on the Trail of Tears, providing unselfish, godly leadership to his people during their most difficult years.” The dark clouds of the coming removal hung heavy over Cherokee country. Soon the [Continue Reading]