Field Scout – Savoonga, Alaska & Colville Indian Reservation, Washington

A Report about Missionary Kevin Smith

Eskimo Village of Savoonga, Alaska

Missionary Kevin Smith, Eskimo Village of Savoonga, AK, Headstart Baptist ChurchAs in many villages, suicide has touched every home. Though alcohol is illegal on the island, it still pervades. Yet God is doing a great and mighty work. Souls are being saved and young converts have such a hunger for the Word. A core group of village elders and young believers are faithful to attend the Headstart Baptist Church for Bible preaching, teaching, and prayer almost every night of the week.

I feel as Paul at Ephesus,

“…a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries.” (I Cor. 16:9)

I cannot express what a great door God has opened to the Smiths in Savoonga, yet how deep-rooted and aggressive is the spiritual adversary! There rages a death-struggle over the souls of men right now. The gospel is gaining strong root there and this is the first Baptist work on the island. Satan loathes to give up his prisoners, and will oppose the gospel work there by all means. Dear friend, would you pray daily for the Smiths and young converts in Savoonga?

Evangelist David Bane

A Report from Missionaries Bob & Charlene Phillips

Native American Baptist missionaries laboring on the Colville Indian Reservation, Washington State

The Northwest is a place where Baptist doctrine is seldom heard. There are 26 reservations in the state of Washington and only 5 Baptist churches. Missionary Glen Hohmann, member of the Blackfeet Tribe in Montana, is pastor of Lower Valley Indian Baptist Church in Harrah, WA and laborers among the Yakima Tribe on the largest reservation in the state. On the Puyallup Reservation, near Tacoma, WA, is Tacoma Indian Baptist Church. Pastor Louie is laboring to reach the urban Indians. Manuel Purcell is from the Suquomish Tribe and pastors Native Baptist Church. Bro. Purcell is one of the firstfruits of Tacoma Indian Baptist Church started by Missionary Larry McKinney an Oklahoma Choctaw from Broken Bow. Bro. McKinney is now in Portland, OR pastoring the Glendoveer Baptist Church and laboring on the Warm Springs Reservation.

I am Bob Phillips an Oklahoma Cherokee laboring with my wife Charlene also Cherokee. The Lord has called us to be missionaries on the Colville Indian Reservation in Washington. Colville is the second largest reservation in the state. There are 1.4 million acres with 5 small towns. We have labored for 24 years with Way of the Cross Indian Baptist Church in Nespelem, the first Baptist work on this tribal land. The various tribes in Washington still hold to their customs, as they fade further into the darkness, resorting to the empty shell of ritualism and tradition. These are a people who have no relationship with our Saviour Jesus Christ. What can they do? Their ceremonies leave them empty and hopeless. Jesus Christ is their only hope. We believe in the one and only true and living God and that he is the only one who can save and give peace to a sinner’s heart. We are here to give the Gospel.

We have started a new work, Native American Baptist Church, in the town of Omak, about 40 minutes from Nespelem. We officially started in June 2012 with a high attendance of 30, but now we average 20 in attendance every week.

 A sad story and a need for Laborers

The following is an article taken from the Washington State Public Library. It is about a delegation of Chiefs and leaders from the Northwest tribes after given the Word of God in the 1800’s.

“We came to you over a trail of many moons from the setting sun. You were the friend of our fathers. Who have all gone the long road. We came with our eyes partly opened for more light for our people who sit in darkness. We go back with our eyes closed. How can we go back blind to our blind people? We made our way to you with strong arms, through many enemies and strange lands, that we might carry back much to them. We go back with both arms broken and empty. The two fathers who came with us – the braves of many winters and wars – we leave here asleep by your great water and wigwams. They were tired with their journey of many moons and their moccasins were worn out. Our people sent us to get the white man’s Book of Heaven. You took us where they worship the Great Spirit with candles, but the book was not there. You showed us the images of good spirits, and pictures of the good land beyond, but the Book was not among them to tell us the way. You made our feet heavy with burdens of gifts, and our moccasins will grow old with carrying them, but the Book is not among them. We are going back the long sad trail to our people. When we tell them, after one more snow, in the big council, that we did not bring the Book, no word will be spoken by our old men nor by our young braves. One by one they will rise up and they will go on the long path to the other hunting grounds. No white man will go with them, and no Book of Heaven to make the way plain. We have no more words.”

Our prayer is for preachers, missionaries, and Christian workers to come to the Northwest to plow the fallow ground on these reservations. Many precious souls perish daily without a hand of care or the prayer of a God-called man or a God-sent missionary. Pray for us on these reservations.