Crow Agency, Hardin, Montana – Missionary Randy Barnes

Randy and Rose Barnes

Randy and Rose Barnes

Hello my fellow servants of the most high God. As we celebrate another year here in Montana, let me take this opportunity to say thank you for standing with us over these years. As I sit here on my birthday (August 30th) typing this letter, I cannot help but think of how blessed I am to have such a great group of supporters in this ministry.

I never dreamed years ago…that I would have the privilege to partner with some of Gods choice servants and become a missionary pastor taking care of His sheep in this forgotten land. It has not been an easy journey, but it has been rewarding. I have had the privilege to minister to Native Americans, Cowboys, poor people, and rich over the years and God has done a tremendous work in many of their lives. I have been in Big Horn County (the size of Connecticut) longer than any other ministry of any denomination now, and people are finally beginning to believe that my God is real!

Screenshot 2014-12-15 16.35.21We have had the opportunity to see many people saved, revived, and/or helped, and become a part of the church here. We have seen the Lord move many of them on to other parts of the world to help build His kingdom there. Seeing them go was a struggle at first, but once I surrendered to God’s plan in this area, it became my blessing instead of my burden. The latest of these to leave is my very own dad. He came out years ago when his job closed down and he retired. Since that time my mom has gone on to heaven and my dad has been the best helper God ever placed in ministry. Now at almost seventy-eight years old, God has called him to another area of service.

Over the years God has broken this self-sufficient, hard-hearted, strong-willed preacher into a seasoned, compassionate, understanding, servant of the most high God. I never changed the Word, but the Word sure changed me! I almost lost my children to Satan’s vices—many times due to my own stupidity. I almost destroyed my marriage; but my God, the God of all creation, the Redeemer of my wicked soul, has transformed me. As a result, my children have seen what a difference God can make and one by one they have either been saved or have returned to the God of their childhood. They are all in church, trying to teach their children to serve God, and serving Him with their whole heart. I couldn’t be more proud. Last night they all came to my house to wish me a happy birthday. One by one, they told me how much I meant to them and said they could not have become the ladies they are today without me. Yeah, I cried!

Faith Independent Baptist Church

Faith Independent Baptist Church

Pastors, a word of advice if I may: God gave you your family, in most cases, before He gave you a ministry. Remember, just like Noah, Your family takes second place only to God. When the formerly demon-possessed man asked Jesus if he could go with him, Jesus replied, “Go home to thy friends, and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee…” (Mark 5:19). In Luke 8:39 Jesus says, “Return to thine own house, and shew how great things God hath done unto thee.” We are to tell the world, but we need to show our families.

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God bless you my friends. I trust you will continue to stand with us here in Big Horn County, Montana. Pray for laborers for this ministry. We could do so much more if we only had the resources. Feel free to keep in touch at any time.

Preacher Randy Barnes

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