Cattaraugus Indian Reservation

A meeting at New Hope Baptist Church Cattaraugus Indian Reservation Colllins, NY

A meeting at New Hope Baptist Church Cattaraugus Indian Reservation Colllins, NY

A Report From New Hope Baptist Church in Collins, NY
Pastor Jack Seiler

I am very grateful for the opportunity to introduce myself and the ministry God has granted and called me to.

My name is Jack Seiler and I am the pastor of New Hope Baptist Church in Collins, New York, about ½ mile outside of the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation.

We started this ministry in 1999 in the basement of the Versailles Community Center and our outreach began with an emphasis in bringing the gospel to the Seneca people both on and around the reservation.

After growing and establishing the ministry while meeting in that dark damp basement for several years, our gracious Heavenly Father made provision for the purchase of our present meeting place in Collins.

The Lord’s influence through this ministry on the Cattaraugus Reservation continues to be a light in a very dark place. The devil has had a stronghold over this territory and has darkened the eyes of those who know not Christ through a history of false “Christian” missionaries who sought to force a European lifestyle and “making” Christians through compulsory baptism, kidnapping and outlawing the Seneca language. There are still living Seneca people who were forced into an “Indian School” where they were beaten if they were caught speaking their own language.

There are several churches on the reservation, some of which were started before or during the Civil War era — none of which could rightly be called Baptist today. New Hope Baptist Church has been actively making materials available to rightly portray the true teachings of Christianity as opposed to the false impressions that ungodly history has lead them to believe.

We have seen progress over the years here. Through our ministry the Lord has called a young Seneca boy to preach the  gospel to his people! He has shown evidence of this call in his desire to preach and to be a witness, and I have been mentoring, training and giving him opportunities to preach. Please pray for Brian Mohawk and his family. His father still needs Christ and we are praying fervently for his soul. We need and request your prayers!

Please pray for:

  • Continued open doors to lift up the Name of Jesus Christ to the Seneca people.
  • For the pulling down of strongholds and opening of eyes for many of these dear people.
  • For strength and safety for God’s servants as we minister for Him.
  • For continued compassion for the Seneca people and provision to do the work God has called us to.
    Thank you all and may God richly bless you.
Jack Seiler Family

The Seiler Family

Jack Seiler: Pastor/Missionary, Cattaraugus Indian Reservation
Phone: 716-532-3210
P.O. Box 279
Collins, NY 14034