Pastor James “Bo” Parris

Senior Editor & Treasurer

Pastor Bo Paris - The Baptist Arrow - Native American Missions Publication“By the grace of God I am what I am:” Brother Bo is pastor of Big Cove Baptist Church in Cherokee NC.

Bo was saved at an early age and called to preach at the age of 17. He is a graduate of Carson Newman Baptist College and was ordained to the gospel ministry at Echota Baptist Church May 1955. His first pastorate was a year in a white Baptist church in Maryville, TN.

His ministry among the Cherokees began as he took pastorate of Indian churches on the reservation in Cherokee, NC.

The first Indian Church he pastored was Yellow Hill Baptist Church, then he pastored Macedonia Baptist Church and in August of 1959 he became the pastor of Big Cove Baptist Church.

Brother Bo has pastored Big Cove Baptist Church for 52 years and has been preaching 61 years. Under the pastorate of Brother Bo, Big Cove Baptist Church has started a number of other Indian Churches, has put back into print the Cherokee New Testament, the Cherokee Hymn Book and translated the Baptist Church Covenant into Cherokee. Brother Bo has been involved in preserving the Cherokee language as a resource for Cherokee language instruction, history and culture. The Lord has blessed him as a knowledgeable instructor in the Word of God and he has had the privilege to mentor a number of Indian and Non-Indian preachers.

The desire for this publication was long in the heart of Brother Bo. His vision was to inform Indian and non-Indian churches about Indian missions.

As a result The Baptist Arrow came into existence during the annual anniversary meeting held at the Choctaw Missionary Baptist Church in Mississippi March 2003. The Baptist Arrow is a ministry and is published through the authority of Big Cove Baptist Church under the guidance of Pastor Bo Parris.

Missionary Raymond Johnson

Editor in Chief

Missionary Raymond Johnson - The Baptist Arrow - Native American Missions PublicationRaymond and Deborah are members of the Choctaw Nation in Oklahoma. They have served the Lord full time as missionaries to Native American’s since 1981.

Raymond was saved and called to preach at the age of 17. Pine Grove Baptist Church licensed him to preach in October of 1973 and Sardis Baptist Church ordained him to the ministry December 19, 1976. Prior to full time mission work, Raymond pastored both Indian and Non-Indian Baptist Churches. The Johnson’s are sent out by Big Cove Baptist Church in Cherokee, NC.

The Lord has allowed them to work with Natives in Oklahoma, Iowa, Ontario Canada, Washington State, North Carolina, and Mississippi. The Johnson’s have been privileged to help new Churches get started and Raymond has preached on a number of Indian reservations in evangelistic meetings. Raymond formerly pastored at Indian Baptist Church in Smithville, OK in the Choctaw Nation.

The Lord has allowed the Johnson’s and others to put back into print the Choctaw Bible, Choctaw Hymn book, Choctaw Dictionary, various tracts, study helps in the Choctaw Language, and to record several CD’s of Choctaw Hymn Singing. It’s their desire to continue to reach Native Americans with the gospel, help in the training of young preachers in the ministries and to help new churches get started among Native People.

As Editor in Chief of The Baptist Arrow, Raymond’s vision and desire are threefold:

  1. Make known the great need for reaching Indian people with the Gospel.
  2. Share and promote missionaries and mission works among Native American tribes in the U.S. and Canada.
  3. Educate Native and non-Native churches about Indian Baptist history.

Pastor Gil Breedlove


Pastor Gil Breedlove - The Baptist Arrow - Native American Missions PublicationBro. Gil was saved in 1966 in Michigan while his parents moved around with work. He moved back to NC and graduated high school, and enlisted in the USMC. After boot camp he married Laurie, a full-blood Mississippi Choctaw in Sept. 1975.

He was discharged from the Corps in 1984 and then relocated his family, wife and 2 sons, back home to NC. He soon began helping in the remodel/rebuilding project of Boiling Springs Missionary Baptist Church located on the 3200 acre tract community of the Eastern Band of Cherokee

Indians and was soon ordained a deacon. In 1993 he surrendered to preach, and in August, 1997 was called as the Pastor of Boiling Springs and is currently Pastor there to date. In 1989, Raymond Johnson, Missionary to the native americans, was acting Pastor when Pastor Gil was soon given the burden from the Lord to help in any way possible with Native American related projects. In 1991 they began the Choctaw Bible in parallel format, which led to their dictionary and other projects and has since moved to the song book as well.

He also is helping with the Northern Cheyenne Bible, The Cherokee Bible and songbook, The Creek Bible, and the Cebuano Bible (Filipino). Although he has never had formal training in computers he is willing to do the detailed work for the Lord and loves the Native American people.

Missionary Brandon White

Executive Administrator & Editor

Missionary Brandon White - Choctaw Nation, Oklahoma - The Baptist Arrow - Native American Missions PublicationBrandon White was born and raised in Saluda, NC and his wife in Ringgold, GA. The Lord saved Brandon when he was 13 on January 28, 1998. In June 2004 he answered the call to preach at age 19 and was licensed to preach by Crossroads Baptist Church on July 4th, 2004. He graduated from Georgia Baptist College with a B.A. in Pastoral Studies in 2008. He was ordained into the ministry by Crossroads Baptist Church May 16, 2009. In 2009 Brandon moved to Smithville, OK where the Lord gave him a burden for the Native American Tribes.

Emily was born again March 31, 2008. In June 2009 Brandon and Emily met the first time in Oklahoma while she was on a mission trip with her church. They were married November 5, 2011.

Brandon is a missionary/pastor in full time Native American missions based in Smithville, OK, the Choctaw Nation, where he pastors at Indian Baptist Church.

Their ministry includes: mission trips, visitation, evangelistic tent meetings, youth camps, VBS’s, mission conferences and camp meetings; proofing Native American Bibles and hymnals, and writing gospel tracts to be used in Native American mission work; strengthening weak churches and training Native preachers.

Financial Policy of The Baptist Arrow

The Baptist Arrow is free as the Lord provides. Donations are appreciated.

How to Donate

Make check or money order:

Payable to: “Big Cove Baptist Church”, Memo: “The Baptist Arrow”.

Send Donations to:

Pastor Bo Parris, Senior Editor and Treasurer
PO Box 1
Cherokee, NC 28719

Mission Statement of The Baptist Arrow

  1. To glorify the triune God; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  2. To see a revival in Native American mission work and help God’s people gain a burden for it.
  3. To promote the Gospel of Grace for the awakening and conversion of Native Americans.
  4. To supply information about Indian Mission Work to Native and non-Native churches and individuals through introducing:
  • Voice From The Past – Uncovering the rich heritage of Native American Baptist history.
  • War Cry – Exhortations to the spiritual fight.
  • Field Scout – Promotion of mission work by Indian and non-Indian Baptist preachers and missionaries working for the conversion and discipleship of Native Americans.
  • Watering Hole – Sermon outlines full of sound doctrine once delivered to the saints.
  • Peace Talks – Gospel presentations and gospel tracts for Native American work.
  • Smoke Signals – News & current projects.

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